The Organisation

How it all began

PACE (Papua Heritage Foundation) was founded in September 2001.

It gives access to and digitises Cultural Heritage such as artefacts, documents, books, movies, pictures and oral history. The Foundation does this by collaborating with private individuals, museums and religious institutions. This heritage is made accessible to users in The Netherlands, in West Papua and internationally by publishing it in Dutch, English and Malay.  Where possible heritage items are repatriated to West Papua

PACE has gained valuable knowledge and expertise through  the combined efforts of experts, academics and passionate collectors. All those involved, whether they be generalist or specialist, scientific or practical, are 

Partner organisations

PACE and its partner organisations  collaborate in order to provide access to heritage information but it also organise projects, lectures and exhibitions. A selection of the partners we work with: Volksbuurt (community) museum Utrecht, Museum Nusantara Delft, Museum Maluku Utrecht, Amsterdam Tropen Museum (of the tropics), National Museum in Noordwolde Braid, Royal Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV) Leiden, Pasar Malam Besar Den Haag, Utrecht Kosmopolis and many many others.  We also negotiate regularly with government agencies and representatives of the Papuan community in the Netherlands as well as representatives of government and educational institutions in West Papua.


PACE could not do its job without financial
support. Thanks to the  support of over 300 loyal donor organisations and the support of private individuals, our work is able to continue. Our Foundation is supported by the HGIS Culture Fund, the VSB Fund, the Prince Bernhard Culture Fund, the Mondriaan Foundation, the Utrecht Municipality, the Ministry of Health, ICCO, Kerkinactie (Church-in-Action) and Stichting (Foundation) Rotterdam.


PACE Structure

Since 2007 PACE Head Office is situated In Utrecht where we share a space with HAPIN (Papua Support Foundation). The office staff consists of  a number of official employees (4.15FTE) and a variable  number of voluntary administrational workers, who support with retrieving and digitising information for the website, and a number of volunteers who visit potential donors of Cultural Heritage items

PACE has a general management and a number of committees which provide  advice on content matter and technical issues and which set up  information networks to gain further knowledge and support for the Foundation. In addition there is an advisory board which acts as a think tank and provides moral support.


Supporting PACE

If you are willing to provide support in any way, you can contact us via our email. We hope that you will continue to follow our activities and that you will visit our website on a regular basis.