Gender, ritual and social formation in West Papua, a configurational analysis comparing Kamoro and Asmat

Pouwer, Jan

ISBN nr. 978 90 6718 325 3
Leiden, KITLV Press, [Verhandelingen 258] xiii + 300 pag., (€ 34,90)
This study compares the culture of the Kamoro (18,000 people) with that of their eastern neighbours, the Asmat (40,000). Part I looks at Kamoro society and culture through the window of its ritual cycle, framed by gender. Part II widens the view, offering in a comparative fashion a more detailed analysis of the socio-political and cosmo-mythological setting of the Kamoro and the Asmat rituals.
This publication is of interest to scholars and students in Oceanic studies and those drawn to the comparative study of cultures.
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