De garoeda en de ooievaar, Indonesië van kolonie tot nationale staat

Burgers, Herman

ISBN 978 90 6718 347 5
Leiden, KITLV Press, [Verhandelingen 266] xxiv + 808 p.
The Garuda and the Stork: Indonesia - from colony to nation state. Beginning with the brief early account of the archipelago, this book traces the origins of modern Indonesia through a history of the United East Indies Company (VOC), Dutch colonial rule and the incipient Indonesian nationalist movement. It explores the importance of the Japanese occupation as a key foundation for post-war decolonization and the subsequent conflict which resulted in the Republic of Indonsia. The exclusion of Netherlands New Guinea from this process and the conflict between The Netherlands and Indonesia which continued from 1949-1962 is discussed extensively. Sample chapter (in Dutch):