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Cries from the Jungle: Paradise Lost in New Guinea

Opdenkelder, Bastiaan, 2021

ISBN-10 177776680X - ISBN-13 978-1777766801
Ontario, Lyo Productions. 336 p. 
Thoroughly researched, strongly written, and accentuated with stirring photos, Cries from the Jungle is a richly layered account that follows the author's family and others through liberation navigating the myriad challenges and dangers they and other Indos faced after the war, through the tumultuous period of Indonesian Independence, and for many, the difficult and unwelcomed return to the Netherlands forced upon them by the realities of the time. Purchase online

Morning Star Rising: The Politics of Decolonization in West Papua

Webb-Gannon, Camellia , 2021

ISBN-10 0824887875 - ISBN-13 978-0824887872
Honolulu, University of Hawai’i Press, 228 p. 
This book examines the many intertwining strands of decolonization in Melanesia. Differences in cultural performance and political diversity throughout the region are generating new, fruitful trajectories. Simultaneously, Black and Indigenous solidarity and a shared Melanesian identity have forged a transnational grassroots power-base from which the movement is gaining momentum. Relevant beyond its West Papua focus, this book is essential reading for those interested in Pacific studies, Native and Indigenous studies, development studies, activism, and decolonization. Purchase online

Tussen twee Vuren. Brandend zand, verloren landen en Indische levens vol gevaar

Becking, Erik , 2020

ISBN 978 90 903317 7 6 (hardcover) - ISBN 978 90 903317 1 3 (softcover)
Leeuwarden, Publ. Opapoea. 695 p.
The adventures of a large Indonesian family in the Dutch East-Indies, New Guinea and life in the barracks in Rotterdam. The main characters, Constance and Karel, living in between fires, often had to choose between two evils. She survived the Japanese genocide and Sukarno’s dictatorial regime. He was the son of a famous KNIL-captain (Royal Netherlands East Indies Army) and a Sundanese princess. He ended up in Hirohito’s hell and fought a bloody war of brothers. Heavily damaged they hit upon each other in New Guinea. Mutual hate turned into love and they built themselves a paradise among Papuans…until Sukarno chased the from there also. Purchase online:

De Harvard-Peabody expeditie. Naar de Dani van de Baliem-vallei

Broekhuijse, Jan , 2020

ISBN : 9781616272654
Privatly published, 458 p.
Jan Broekhuijse participated as an anthropologist in the Harvard-Peabody expedition to the Baliem Valley (Eastern mountainous region of Dutch New Guinea), performed all the necessary anthropological fieldwork on the spot among the Dani in 1960-1961 and passed on this knowledge to the American participants who made excessive use of it. Robert Gardner shot his now-famous film Dead Birds and Peter Matthiessen wrote his book Under the Mountain Wall. Purchase online: 

Om de menselijke waardigheid in Papua

Giay, Benny, 2020

ISBN 978-90-828978-9-0
Olst, Werkgroep Papoea Solidariteit, 71 p. € 5,00 plus shipping
This booklet is a short translation of “Surat-surat Gembala” of 2018. It contains statements, calls for action and considerations about the situation in Papua. Racism is mentioned, the economic growth benefiting transmigrants, the police and army brutality and human rights violations. The church leaders giving a voice to those who are silenced. A document is added that was handed to a delegation of the World Council of Churches at the beginning of 2019. Also a call was added to the international community regarding the racist attacks on Papuan students in August 2019 and finally a call from the church leaders of one of the churches intended for communities and pastors. Order by e-mail at H.J. van der Steeg, e-mail: or Hapin, e-mail :  

Brieven en dagboeknotities van Eerste Luitenant der Mariniers Wim Kayzer

Kayzer, Wim, 2020

Amsterdam, Uitg. Klus op Dek
This publication ‘Letters and diary notes from Lieutenant of the Marines Wim Kayzer’ deals with the period from December 10th 1960 until February 24th 1961. In these years the nature of the conflict with Indonesia, about the status of Dutch New Guinea, became more and more military than political. Indonesian infiltrations increased over time. The Royal Navy and the Marine Corps in particular were given the assignment to stop these infiltrations and to track and eliminate all disembarked infiltrators. “I don’t think that people in The Netherlands have any idea how indescribably rough this weeks-long journey was, in which the Indonesians were being exhausted to such an extent that surrendering was the only option left.” Purchase online:

De verstekeling. Van Sorong naar Rotterdam

Korwa, Eddy, 2020

Privatly published ISBN 978 90 826367 8 9
Eddy Korwa (1940) is a Papua, born and raised in former Dutch New Guinea. The Dutch promise for a free and independent West Papua was brutally broken in 1962 with the transition from The Netherlands to Indonesia. Eddy just could not accept that. From the beginning he resisted the new government, got himself into trouble and had to flee the country for his own well-being. In 1964 he fled the country as a stowaway on a Dutch cargo boat. A risky adventure, which he couldn’t have made it without the help of his good friend Leo. Eddy started a new life in The Netherlands, but the struggle for justice and an independent West Papua would be central to the rest of his life. Purchase online at 

KAIS - A true story of a daring rescue in the swamps of New Guinea, summer 1944

Kreuger, Bas , 2020

ASIN: B08643X9NJ, 253 p.
An amazing World War II rescue mission is depicted in the nonfictional work KAIS: A true story of a daring rescue in the swamps of New Guinea, summer 1944, written by Bas Krueger. A four-man crew from the 418th squadron manned the B-25 bomber whose mission was to destroy Japanese supply ships. The crew was made up of pilot Ira Barnett; gunner Harold Tantaquidgeon, a Mohegan Native American; navigator Thomas Wright; and radio operator Paul Whipland. On July 27, 1944, this crew and three others left on what was a relatively routine mission. However, the plane was hit by Japanese fire, and a crash landing was necessary. All four men survived, and a rescue operation began. While it took several weeks to locate the plane and bring the men back to safety, the rescue also had its perils. Purchase online