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Subsidy for second phase digitisation of library

In January 2009 Papua Heritage Foundation (PACE) began digitisation of its library. The first phase (books and documents from before 1950) is being realised with the subsidy from Metamorfoze. A subsidy application for the second phase (1950-1962) has been made as part of a  War Heritage Project with the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. Although rejected earlier this year, after a renewed application (in March 2009) funds were made available. PACE receives  €78.000 to digitise documents from the post-war period.

Report of Pig Salon Meeting on ‘Papuans in Diaspora’ Project

The monthly PACE (Papua Heritage Fund) meeting  known as ‘the Pig Salon’ is open to the wider community and on 11 October 2009 there was a presentation of the Oral History Project ‘Papuans in Diaspora’. An increasing number of Papuans really want their life stories to be passed on to future generations.  The Project has been sponsored by the Ministry of Health, Well-being and Sport (VWS) and 25 people were interviewed. Many of them lived through World War II events that occurred in Former Dutch New Guinea ( during the Japanese invasion). Thirty-one conversations were recorded, which amounts to a total of about seventy hours of interview time.

Roy Villevoye guest at ‘Beyond the Dutch’

Until January 10, 2010, a large retrospective exhibition ‘Beyond the Dutch’ is on show at Centraal Museum in Utrecht.  Art works by more than forty artists, among them Roy Villevoye and Fiona Tan with art work from Papua, show the interaction between Dutch and Indonesian fine arts. On the last day of the exhibition, an afternoon meeting on the theme ‘Beyond Java’ will be organised at the Moluks (Moluccan) Museum, in cooperation with PACE and Kosmopolis. Roy Villevoye, among others, will be a guest there.

Discovery: name Sapoerahof is wrong

An additional result of the cultural heritage project Linking back to Lombok is the discovery that the name Sapoerahof in the Lombok area of Utrecht has been spelled incorrectly.  During a walk, Wim Manuhutu, former manager of Museum Malaku, noticed that the name of this side street of  the Molukkenstraat is incorrect. The street is named after the Indonesian island Saparua. The initiators of establishing Linking back to Lombok, one of which is the  Papua heritage Foundation, have brought this to the attention of the Utrecht City Council. The council admitted that that a mistake had been made in the past by the street-naming committee responsible.

Prime minister and Crown Prince visit PACE stand

Saturday, 27th of June, the Dutch Prime Minister Jan-Peter Balkende and his Royal Highness Prince Willem Alexander visited the information stand manned by Papua Cultural Heritage Foundation (PACE) on occasion of Veterans Day in The Hague. Staff member Koen de Jager, veteran of the Dutch Royal Navy himself, took the opportunity to explain in detail about the Foundation’s work to both visitors.

Films by Wim van Oijen on YouTube

Photographer Wim van Oijen has uploaded the beautiful films about  the Asmat “Uit de natuur gemaakt”  to  YouTube. These films had been  shown during an exhibition in Nature Museum Brabant in Tiburg. He has asked Papua Heritage Foundation (PACE) to make this known in wider circles. Every year since 1992 Van Oijen travels with his cameras to Asmat where, in his own words, he is searching for the essence of simple  life and the contrast to his own complex living environment.