Conservation of Pace Artifacts

On 1 January 2009 PACE (Papua Heritage Foundation) created a separate foundation  called ‘Collectie Pace’ (Collection of Papua Heritage) to conserve and manage its ethnographic artefacts.  These cultural goods will be held in storage at relevant conservation institutions. When the time comes, Collectie PACE will also be responsible for the repatriation of these artefacts.

ICN: National office for conservation of Art

To manage the collection items, Collectie Pace makes use of storage space made available by ‘Instituut Collectie Nederland’ (ICN). This national office is responsible for the care of more than 100.000 art objects which are not currently being displayed in museums and which are owned by the state.

For some years, the national ICN office has been advising to create a separate foundation to ensure sustainable management and conservation of the ethnographic artefacts at PACE. That way the collection cannot be sold if, for example, PACE goes bankrupt. Hence the  Collectie PACE Foundation, which has now been set up. In the mean time, this foundation will be financed by general funding made available to PACE itself. During the course of 2009, special funding will become available through the creation of ‘Vrienden van het Papua erfgoed’ (Friends of Papua Heritage). 

Sustainable conservation and management

The tasks of the newly created foundation Collectie PACE  will not only be restricted to the management of  ethnographic artefacts but will extend to other heritage material. In recent years, PACE has also been given films, videos, tapes as well as photos, slides, books, documents and maps. At this point in time, it is still in the hands of  PACE and the storage of these items is managed by this foundation. However, this is about to change.  The Collectie PACE Foundation will also be in charge of the care of these items and the official handover of this material is to take place some time next year. Collectie PACE  will negotiate with other institutions to find adequate storage space for all this material.