Subsidy for second phase digitisation of library

In January 2009 Papua Heritage Foundation (PACE) began digitisation of its library. The first phase (books and documents from before 1950) is being realised with the subsidy from Metamorfoze. A subsidy application for the second phase (1950-1962) has been made as part of a  War Heritage Project with the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. Although rejected earlier this year, after a renewed application (in March 2009) funds were made available. PACE receives
 €78.000 to digitise documents from the post-war period.

This concerns not only government reports and various information material but also, for Metamorfozeexample, the archives of foundation 'Door de Eeuwen Heen Trouw' which specifically concern former Dutch New Guinea (the present Indonesian province of Papua).

een beschadigd boekCollection scanned and digitised

The work is being conducted in both cases according to guidelines set out by the Metamorfoze programme. Metamorfoze is an initiative of the Royal Library to promote the conservation and management of archives and collections on paper in the Netherlands. These are  unique collections of books and documents. Within the framework of the project the collections are nowadays scanned and digitised (in the past this was done with photography and microfiche). An additional advantage is the fact that material can be digitally disclosed (for example on a website).

Collection to be stored at PACE
For scanning and digitisation we are collaborating with GMS from Alblasserdam and withbeschadigde documenten Restauratie Atelier Helmond  to de-acidify and where necessary restore material.  Once the items have been digitalised, the  books and documents will be stored and managed by PACE (Papua Heritage Foundation) to insure conservation in the long term.

Volunteers take care of disclosing collection

The project is being conducted almost totally outside boeken in boekenkast the office. Volunteers of the foundation will take care of designing a comprehensive  inventory of books and documents, so disclosure can take place  directly via the PACE website. All material, for which the foundation has either  copyright or creative common licences, will be made available on the website as PDF documents. The remaining material can be viewed at the foundation’s library and in the future at collaborating institutions.