Friends of Papua Heritage Foundation (PACE)

In 2009 we will continue to develop our activities with the individual donors by creating the association "Friends of the Papua Heritage. 

This association will organize and integrate the  public activities of the foundation (for example Pigs Salons) and will also, in case of sufficient participation, be able to negotiate discounts  for exhibitions about Papua and the purchase of interesting publications, etc.
To this end, the association will also work closely with a number of stakeholders and  companies and institutions which sponsor us.

In addition to supporting its own activities, this new association will also support the work of our foundation. A  viable organization not only ensures  an active community, but also means that the work of the foundation will increasingly  be financed through its own resources.

This is important for the sustainability of the foundation because we will become less dependent on ever-varying project funding. Occasional funding for a particular project will always be necessary, but the current dependence on outside financiers it will decrease.
If you also wish to support the Papua Heritage Foundation by becoming a donor, please contact us.