SenterNovem (a scheme to aid digitalising  information) supports the project Digitalizing Papua in Dutch museums with  € 250,000  (co-operation between Papua Heritage Foundation and the Museum of the Tropics in Amsterdam).



The  project "Papua in Beeld Geluid” (Papua through Images and Sound) was made possible by the Prince Bernard Cultuurfonds (Cultural Foundation) and the Pacific Fonds (Pacific Fund) managed by the Cultuurfonds(Cultural fund), which together contributed £50.000 to develop the project.

Mondriaan Stichting


Over 2004 and 2005 the Mondriaan Foundation contributed € 32.157 to the setting up of the video collection of the foundation (PACE).

 Instituut Collectie Nederland


The Institute Collection Netherlands (ICN) is a government institution that manages a large art collection. The PACE Foundation Collection has a large proportion of the artifacts of PACE in storage. 

Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds


The Project ‘Papua in Beeld en Geluid’
(Papua in Image and Sound)  has been made possible through a joint contribution of  € 50.000 made by the ‘ Prins Bernard Cultuur Fonds’( Prins Bernard Culture Fund) and the ‘Pacific Fonds’( Pacific Fund).

VSB Fonds


The VSB Fonds* has promised  to contribute € 400.000 between 2007 – 2010 in order to realise three particular projects being developed by the Papua Heritage Foundation.
*A Fund, specifically for initiatives and projects for non-profit purposes, special projects or activities.

Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken


The Homogeneous Group for International Cooperation and Culture (HGIS-Culture) is a partnership between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.



HGIS-Culture  supports our (PACE) work with a starter subsidy of  € 200.000. This fund is for work done by PACE and for activities run by our counterparts in Papua. The current project will continue  until 31 March 2007.



Impulsis is a co-operative venture between the following organisations: the former ICCO,  Kerkinactie and Edukans.  They are providing a subsidy of  € 40.000 to be paid out in instalments between 2003-2006.

Stichting Rotterdam


The Rotterdam Foundation, which sponsored us when we first started, contributed more than €10.000 to the foundation in the form of “matching funds”. Thanks to the support  of Kerkinactie (Church-in-action) and various other donors, we were able to realise the full amount.

Kerk in Actie


Kerkinactie  (ChurchinAction)contributed € 5.000 in 2002  for the necessary activities to start up the Papua Heritage foundation.

Stichting Hulp aan Papua's in nood


Our 'office colleagues' from HAPIN, a foundation set up to aid Papuans in need, provided a one-off grant of € 1,000.



ID / farma sponsored Papua Heritage Foundation until 2007 € 6,000 annually.

 gemeente Utrecht


The monthly lectures held by the Papua Heritage Foundation are made possible because of regular contributions by the Utrecht City Council.

The Papua Heritage Foundation has more than 300 regular donors from whom they received €6.000 in 2008.