The tax laws and benefits regarding the donation of money, vary by country.
Check this with your local bank or notary.

The Dutch donate more than € 4 billion a year to charity. These gifts areANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling) frequently tax deductible. A gift to the Papua Cultural Heritage Foundation can fiscally be very favourable. Did you know that grants made to cultural institutions, which have been designated by the tax department as being useful to the common good, are in fact tax deductable for your company? More on …

Donations to the Papua Heritage  Foundation
The foundation receives about € 5.000 each year from around three hundred loyal contributors. Donations are fiscally advantageous because they can be deducted from your personal income tax. An additional advantage is that the Papua Heritage Foundation does not have to pay any gift tax, however large your contribution might be. More on….

Donations via Charity Websites
Since January 2009 it is possible to make donations to the Papua Heritage Foundation via several sites on the charity website link GeefGratis such as:U kunt ook online doneren,, and It is an easy and simple way to make donations. The foundation receives your gift directly. A small fee is deducted to cover administration costs.
More on….

Legally registered gifting
If you set up regular donations over a five-year period via a legal advisor or notary, then you can claim the full amount on your income tax. More on…

Incorporate the Papua Heritage Foundation in your will
A special way to support the Papua Heritage foundation is to  it  in your will. The Papua Cultural Heritage Foundation has been exempted from inheritance tax. Your donation can consist of a monetary gift but can also be in the form of specific objects such as a painting or real estate such as a house. More on…

Establish a personal trust
Personal Trust is a very individual way of supporting the Papua Heritagescreenshot website Foundation. Individuals as well as organisations and companies can set up such a trust. With a personal trust you can offer ongoing support to the foundation. more….

Grants from companies
Providing grants to cultural institutions  is also advantageous for  businesses. There are  number of options available. Apart from providing an official grant, a  company can also transfer a sum of money in exchange for the brand name of the company. The money spent is remuneration for advertising. More on….

However you decide to support us. we thank you in advance!