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Met stille trom; Een journaal

Springer, F., 2012

ISBN 978 90 214 4212 9
Amsterdam, Em. Querido’s Pub., 235 p.
“In 1962 Dutch rule came to an end on New Guinea, tropical island in the Pacific. This novel describes the last convulsions of our colonialism...”. With these words 'Met stille trom' (Leaving quietly) this book was introduced in 1963. Springer wrote the book after his return from New Guinea, where he had served a four year term as a government official. Just before publication he withdrew the manuscript, because on second thought it lacked the drama of the indigenous Papuan people. In the year of his death Springer rewrote the manuscript and added a foreword. Nevertheless this book is published now, be it posthumously.

Governing New Guinea; An oral history of Papuan administrators, 1950-1990

Visser, Leontine (ed), 2012

ISBN: 9789067183932
KITLV Press, Leiden, 358 p.
A unique series of stories about Papuan administrators recounting how they were trained by the Dutch and how they functioned as administrators in the late 1950s. They narrate their experiences during the turbulent 1960s, the short UNTEA period, the manipulation of votes for the Act of Free Choice and the subsequent political integration within the Indonesian nation-state. Many of them remained in government service until their retirement in the 1990s This book is a translation from ‘Bakti pamong praja Papua’ (2008) with a new introduction and supplemented by statements and organisations in footnotes. Purchase online at

Onder het teken van de Morgenster

Zanden, Thijs van der , 2012

In 1960 Thijs van der Zanden was deployed as a soldier to the former Dutch New Guinea for one year. As an infantryman he is mainly stationed on the islands of Biak and Woendi. Van der Zanden writes about the Papuans and their background, the Security Platoon and the Royal Dutch Air Force. There are also personal stories of various ‘sobats’ of commandos, infantry and members of the Royal Air Force. The book is a beautiful document of a time already far behind us.
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Verget ons niet. Het Papoea Vrijwilligers Korps (1961 – 1963)

Bruggen, Casper van, 2011

ISBN 9789461530042
Soesterberg, Uitgeverij Aspekt
'Do not forget us’. The Papua Volunteer Corps (1961-1963)’. Little has been written about the Papua Vrijwilligers Korps (PVK). Only a few random articles and some chapters in books about the Marine Corps. 'Verget ons niet' (Do not forget us), with these words Papuan soldier Mareret ended a letter, written on February 7th 1963, to his former platoon commander. With this book the author responds in a way to this cry of the heart and gives the PVK its wel deserved place in written history.

Een perspectief voor Papoea; het verhaal van mijn leven en mijn strijd

Campschreur, Willem, 2011

ISBN 9789460221149
Amsterdam, Kit publishers, 272 pag.  
A perspective for Papua; the story of my life and my struggles. Viktor Kaisiëpo, a prominent Papua leader and a charismatic man passed away on January 31st 2010 after a serious illness.Around 1980 he was seized by the opportunity to combine the Papuan struggle with the rights of Indigenous People. He changes from a political campaigner into an international lobbyist at the United Nations institutions. He is appointed to influential positions in Papua after the fall of the Suharto dictatorship and develops a new perspective for working on Papua's future. A perspective that is propagated in this book with great personal positivism and political optimism. Purchase online at  


Hoogerbrugge, Jac., Raymond Corbey, Nick Stanley , 2011

ISBN 978-90-5450-000-1
C. Zwartenkot Art Books, Leiden, 336 p., 730 photographs, 56 b/w drawings, 2 maps, biblio.. Text: English and Indonesian; ASMAT. ARTS, CRAFTS AND PEOPLE. A PHOTOGRAPHIC DIARY, 1969 - 1974. ASMAT. SENI, KERAJINAN DAN MANUSIA. SEBUAH BUKU HARIAN FOTOGRAFIK, 1969-1974.

Yalimo - Die Yali im Bergland von West Papua. Ein Portrait

Reuter, Susanne, 2011

ISBN 978-3-941387-02-7
Düsseldorf, Wahine Verlag, 184 colour pag.
Until the seventies the Yali's lived in the highlands of West Papua still in the Stone Age, cut off from the outside world. This beautiful photo book shows the original life of the Yali, their culture and traditions. The book is designed to keep the memory alive to people who experienced the change of the Stone Age to modern times in 50 years. Purchase on line:

Wachters boven het stenen tijdperk; De Marine Luchtvaartdienst in Nieuw Guinea 1922–1950

Rijnhout, Bart M., 2011

ISBN: 978-90-8616-080-8
Emmen, Lanasta, 360 pag.
(Guardians over the Stone Age; The Naval Aviation in New Guinea 1922 – 1950)
Little is known about the Marine Luchtvaartdienst (MLD) and the New Guinea period. While writing this book it showed also, that only a few publications appeared about the bloody battle In New Guinea during World War II. This book focuses on the history, World War II and the time afterwards. The actions of the Martin Mariner, the Dakota and the Famous Neptune are being described. This book contains many illustrations and photographs.