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De laatste Indo, Nederlands Indië / Nieuw-Guinea

Bal, Alex, 2010

Privately published, Alex Bal, 373 p. The last Indo, Netherlands Indies / New Guinea is the story, written as a novel, of the author and his family during the Second World War in Indonesia and of his later experiences as a child in New Guinea. He was one of the last people to leave Manokwari at mid-March 1963 in order to go to The Netherlands via Biak. Eight guest-authors also give their impressions (in brief contributions), about the former Dutch New Guinea. See Order from

Anomie and Violence; Non-truth and reconciliation in Indonesian peacebuilding

Braithwaite, John, Valerie Braithwaite, Michael Cookson and Leah Dunn , 2010

ISBN 9781921666223 Austr.$ 29.95 (GST inclusive)
ISBN 9781921666230 (Online)
Canberra, ANU E Press

De garoeda en de ooievaar, Indonesië van kolonie tot nationale staat

Burgers, Herman , 2010

ISBN 978 90 6718 347 5
Leiden, KITLV Press, [Verhandelingen 266] xxiv + 808 p.
The Garuda and the Stork: Indonesia - from colony to nation state. Beginning with the brief early account of the archipelago, this book traces the origins of modern Indonesia through a history of the United East Indies Company (VOC), Dutch colonial rule and the incipient Indonesian nationalist movement. It explores the importance of the Japanese occupation as a key foundation for post-war decolonization and the subsequent conflict which resulted in the Republic of Indonesia. The exclusion of Netherlands New Guinea from this process and the conflict between The Netherlands and Indonesia which continued from 1949-1962 is discussed extensively. Sample chapter (in Dutch): 

De Getuigenissen: PAPOEA

Charles E. Farhadian, 2010

ISNB 978-90-815967-1-8
Original title "The Testimony Project: Papua" (2007)
Privatly published, 240 pag., translation in Dutch: H. Oudman
This book gives an account of the life story of twelve Papuans who have one thing in common; the reality, experienced by Papuans. Their testimonials clearly speak of fear and hope of the Papuan people regarding their every day life and their future.
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Unter Kannibalen – Eine Philosophin im Urwald von Westpapua

Gloy, Karen, 2010

ISBN 978-3-89678-681-4
Darmstadt, Primus Verlag, 128 pag.
The author visited indigenous tribes in Papua with an expedition team. The book is a valuable document about the description of the living conditions at the Kombai tribes who believe in spirits and magic, who work with stone axes and who live in tree houses. 


A grammar of Moskona: an East Bird's Head language of West Papua, Indonesia

Gravelle, Gloria J. , 2010

Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit, xv + 577 p.
Moskona is a language spoken in the eastern Bird’s Head peninsula of the island of New Guinea. Although contact with the outside world has been established for around fifty or sixty years, a comprehensive grammar of the language has not yet been done. Thus, this presentation is the first extensive grammatical description of the Moskona language. PDF thesis available on

West-Papua in Reiseberichten – Altertät und Forschunsreisen in den 1950er und 1960er Jahren

Herrmann, Sindy, 2010

ISBN 978-3-940132-11-6
Berlin,Regiospectra, 138 pag.
West Papua, paradise on earth or for gold-diggers? Either way it is a place for researchers and adventurers trying to fill in the latest blank spots on the map. In this study the author also gives insight into the stereotypes originating from these explorations.

Ontstolen zelfbeschikking; de toekomst van Molukkers en Papoea's

Kamsteeg, Aad (ed.), 2010

ISBN 978-909025-328-2
Groningen, Stichting Zelfbeschikking Molukkers en Papoea’s, 116 p.
In 'Stolen self-determination; the future of Moluccans and Papuans', experts share their view on the history of the Moluccas and Papua, on developments and the opportunities for a better future. Attention is also being paid to the opportunities in the field of international law and politics for both peoples. Order: Sticht. ZMP (DDET), Pb. 6100, 9702 HC Groningen, the Netherlands.