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Society of Others: Kinship and Mourning in a West Papuan Place

Stasch, Rupert, 2009

Paperback edition ISBN 978 0 520 256866
Berkeley, University of California Press, 328 p.
This important study upsets the popular assumption that human relations in small-scale societies based on shared experience. In a theoretically innovative account of the lives of the Korowai of West Papua, Indonesia, Rupert Stasch shows that in this society, people organize their connections to each another around otherness. Analyzing the Korowai people's famouw 'tree house' dwellings, their patterns of living far apart, and their practices of kinship, marriage, and childbearing and rearing, Stasch argues that the Korowai actively make relations not out of what they have in common, but out what divides them. 'Society of Others' offers a picture of Korowai lives sharply at odds with stereotypes of 'tribal societies'. 

"Dan toch maar...!"

Sukono, E. Tumengkol, R. Sunardi Hamid, Amins Singgih, H.E. Kawulusan, 2009

Subtitle: herinneringen, ervaringen en overpeinzingen van Indonesische adelborsten tijdens en na hun opleiding aan het Koninklijk Instituut voor de Marine te Den Helder 1949-2009
Den Haag
Nederlands Instituut voor Militaire Historie (NIMH), 250 pag.
In "After all then...!: memories, experiences and reflections from Indonesian naval cadets during and after their training at the Royal Netherlands Naval College in Den Helder 1949-2009" former Indonesian naval cadets, trained at the Royal Netherlands Naval College KIM in Den Helder share memories. In the fifties, Indonesian and Dutch class-mates who became friends, faced each other in armed confrontations after the transfer of sovereignty of the Dutch Indies to Indonesia and during the conflict about Dutch New Guinea - information about the Dutch edition:

DAN TOCH MAAR, Apa Boleh Buat, Maju Terus!

Sukono, E. Tumengkol, R. Sunardi Hamid, Amins Singgih, H.E. Kawulusan, 2009

'DAN TOCH MAAR, Apa Boleh Buat, Maju Terus!' Ingatan dan Pengalaman Adelborst Indonesia, Selama dan Setelah Pendidikan pada Koninklijk Instituut Voor De Marine, 1949-2009
ISBN 978-979-709-431-7.
Jakarta Penerbit Buku KOMPAS, 552 p.

Het geheim van Nabelan Kabelan

Teeuwen, Jacques H., 2009

ISBN 978-90-8834-566-1
Soest, Boekscout, 108 pag.
The secret of Nabelan Kabelan. After attending a training on a Bible School and receiving education at the Wycliff Institute for Bible translation in The United Kingdom, the writer decides to leave with his family for the Swart Valley in New Guinea in order to propagate the gospel as a missionary among the Dani. Purchase online at

Art as contact with the ancestors: Visual arts of the Kamoro and Asmat of Western Papua

Zee, Pauline van der, 2009

ISBN 978-9068326444
Amsterdam, KIT Publishers, Bulletin 389, 96 p. 
A recent comparative research focusing on related yet different aritistic expressions of the Asmat and Kamoro. The approach emphasizes relationships between arts, rituals and mythology. Combining cultural information embedded in myths and rituals with an investigation of various design elements and comparing Asmat and Kamoro data, results in innovative interpretations resonating art's ambiguity.

Papoea, 1ste Belgische expeditie naar de Carstenszpiramide

Backer, Wim de , 2008

ISBN 9789081342704
Sint Niklaas - Belgium, private publication, 144 pag.
Papua, 1st Belgian expedition to the Carstensz pyramid is a report of the, first fully equipped Belgian, expedition to the Carstensz summit. It starts with a brief survey of the history, flora and fauna and a description of part of the inhabitants. After this the report of the expedition itself; and the story ends with the astonishing but inevitable effort to return through the Freeport McMoRan territory. The book is provided with lots of illustrations and photographs. [Order via email:]

Restoring the Balance: Performing Healing in West Papua

Courtens, Ien, 2008

ISBN: 978-90-6718-278-2 (pb).
Leiden, KITLV Press, XII, 252 p.

Restoring the Balance looks at indigenous and Christian religious practices, and how people in northwest Ayfat (Bird’s Head – West Papua) have found a way to integrate the two and bring both sides into balance.
Also published as a thesis at the Radbout Universiteit, Nijmegen, 2005.

Veteranen met een missie

Lardenoye, Fred en Rein Bijkerk (red.), 2008

ISBN 978-90-809740-5-0
Nijmegen, QV Uitgeverij, 121 p.
A book on humanitarian initiatives by  ex-soldiers in former mission areas, among them a surprisingly large number in former Dutch New Guinea. The reasons for this are mentioned in the results of the exploratory study, initiated by the NCDO and SVI (Veterans Association). The book mainly contains interviews but also contains practical tips and useful addresses.