Recent publications

De wereld wordt omgekeerd

Graaf, Gerrit Roelof de, 2012

ISBN 978 90 5560 470 8
Barneveld, Uitg. De Vuurbaak,
589 p.
An academic dissertation (title ‘The world is being turned around’) about the encounter between the reformed mission and the Papuans of the Upper Digoel region, including the interaction with them and their culture. The interaction is described more extensively in terms of religion, the social-economic embedding of the mission and of other actors such as the government. The book title is derived from the document khenil-khenil of the Korowai, who believed, that admitting (caucasian) outsiders onto their herital grounds would lead to a turnaround of the world (Wolamaman). For the large part, they were proven right, be it in another way they or the mission had imagined. 

De eer en de ellende: Nieuw-Guinea 1962

Heijboer, Pierre, 2012

ISBN 9789048490202
Uitgeverij Literoza, Zoetermeer, 410 p.
Heijboer, a retired reporter, relates in the book 'The honour and the misery: New Guinea 1962" about the events which have occurred in 1962. The book is based on interviews, archives and publications. In a near day-to-day report he follows The Dutch Cabinet in The Hague, the United Nations in New York, the American mediators in Washington, the Dutch administrators in New-Guinea and the military actions, seen from both Dutch and Indonesian point of view. Purchase on line: :

Cowries among the Me or Ekagi; The Impact of a new Currency on a Group of Central Highlanders in Papua, Indonesia.

Hylkema, Sibbele, edited by Anton Ploeg, 2012

ISBN: 978-3-643-90200-9
Lit Verlag, Berlin, 208 p.
Sibbele Hylkema ofm, 1933 - 1998, was a missionary who worked among the Me or Ekagi from 1969 to 1994. But he was also a gifted ethnographer who left behind a large and impressive corpus of data dealing with these people. So far little of this work has been published. The present book contains his analysis of the role of cowrie shells in the social life of the Me. They were a means of payment, "money", but simultaneously amulets charged with supernatural power. Hylkema traces their rise, not long before the colonial era, and fall, in the 1970s and '80s.
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Paradijsvogels in de polder

Jouwe, Nancy (ed.), 2012

ISBN 9789460221859,
Kit Publishers, Amsterdam, 96 p.
Photography; Bodil Anaïs
(Birds of paradise in the polder.) The story of the Papuans is like a history filled with tears. Disillusioned Papuan refugees made a new living in the Netherlands where their background and identity was invisible. They nevertheless integrated well, some 50 years later, with three generations of Papuans in The Netherlands. They feel Papuan and/or Dutch, their identity is plural and dynamic. Order on line:

Freedom in entangled worlds

Kirksey, Eben, 2012

ISBN 978-0-8223-5134-4
Durham, Duke University Press, 336 p.
The writer documents in this book the West Papuan freedom struggle. In the process, he provides keen insight into the movement's dynamics and the desires that have led West Papuans to rise up against seemingly insurmountable odds. Kirksey clarifies the possibilities and predicaments they face, and he makes sense of the multiple times, mundane and messianic, in which many West Papuans seem to live. Purchase on line: 

Hollandia Blues

Klencke, Peter, 2012

ISBN 978-94-6153-141-4
Uitg. Aspekt, Soesterberg, 172 pag.
This autobiographical novel relates about Chris, a boy from an Indonesian family which moved from Jakarta to Hollandia in 1950. New-Guinea seems a promising opportunity to start a new life and proves an ideal country for Chris' boyhood. Crawling around an airplane dump or playing in the jungle behind Kloofkamp and in the hills around Dock V. But in the background there is always the war in Indonesia and it's colonial aftermath.

Achtentachtig prachtige vissen

Krey, Thonny Mansiraken, Ellen van Minnen-Prins, Jolanda Hiddink , 2012

ISBN 9789490085254
Het Boekenschap, Zelhem, 24 pag. 
The sea is full of fish. And they all look alike. Or don’t they...? Turtle takes you along in the world of fish and shows you the uniqueness of every fish. Large, small, young, old, they are all different and very beautiful.
Eighty-eight wonderful fish in a picture book, made by a Papuan artist from Manokwari Indonesia (former Dutch New Guinea). The book is full of Krey’s characteristic fish and shows in a playful way some contradictions for kids from the age of 2 years. The book was made in collaboration with The Foundation for Sustainable Development Papua Barat (SDSP). Purchase on line:

Laughing at Leviathan: Sovereignty and Audience in West Papua

Rutherford, Danilyn, 2012

ISBN 9780226731995
University of Chicago Press, Chicago, Paperback ed. 320 p.
For West Papua and its people, the promise of sovereignty has never been realized, despite a long and fraught struggle for independence from Indonesia. In Laughing at Leviathan, Danilyn Rutherford examines this struggle through a series of interlocking essays that drive at the core meaning of sovereignty itself—how it is fuelled, formed, and even thwarted by pivotal but often overlooked players: those that make up an audience. Whether these players are citizens, missionaries, competing governmental powers, nongovernmental organizations, or the international community at large, Rutherford shows how a complex interplay of various observers is key to the establishment and understanding of the sovereign nation-state. Purchase on line: